Making humanity thrive by enabling
organisations to gain efficient access to best AI talent


Many organizations embark on their AI transformation journey but having run data science projects ourselves for many years we realized that having access to the right professionals at the right time and price is a major challenge.

Percepteev’s founders experienced that struggle running projects and looking for staff at classic recruiting firms. They noticed that for the particular AI & Data Science field, quality or adequate skillset fit is sometimes lacking so they created their own service.

As an only AI focused boutique talent acquisition agency, we want to fill this gap in this much needed offering by providing a white glove service to our clients so they can leverage having better engineers for a better price.


The founders being aware of the high quality and low cost pool in Eastern Europe, having Polish and Bulgarian origins, decided to focus on talent acquisition in that part of Europe. This geographical focus on Central and Eastern Europe allows us to access professionals with strong engineering skills and a culture of higher education in software and technology.

All candidates go through our own pre-screening and interview process with a data scientist professional. Moreover, we build those processes specifically for your needs and requirements, saving you substantial amount of time. We  also prepare tailored test projects for each profile and ensure that candidates we provide could be rolled on the specific project right away, tackling directly your most important needs.

For our clients with recurring needs, we provide training and upskilling via knowledge transfer within our pool of professionals. We can also offer a ring-fencing of part of our pool to ensure availability.


Better profiles for better price thanks to our niche focus.

Time saving thanks to our tailored thorough process.

Improved quality over time with enhanced upskilling.

Efficiency for clients thanks to our ring-fencing service.