PERCEPTEEV co-founder won UC Berkeley 2020 Hal R. Varian MIDS Capstone Award

We are pleased to announce PERCEPTEEV co-founder as winner of the Data Science Summer 2020 Capstone Project Showcase and Hal R. Varian MIDS Capstone Award with the project WildTrackAI.

‘WildTrackAI’ applies cutting-edge computer vision technologies to enhance non-invasive monitoring of endangered species using footprints.

Species are going extinct at nearly 10,000 times historical rates, and COVID-19 is a direct result of our negative interactions with wild animals around the world. Climate change, development, and illegal poaching are among the primary factors that are negatively impacting our natural resources, increasing human to wildlife conflict, and contributing to overall biodiversity loss.

WildTrack and their mission 

WildTrack is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of endangered species. It uses non-invasive wildlife monitoring techniques based on indigenous knowledge to track endangered species using footprints. Within this context, WildTrackAI applies cutting-edge computer vision technology to enhance current wildlife tracking techniques in the speed and accuracy of footprint image classification, and delivers an end-to-end integrated solution for footprint tracking. Through this solution, we aim to:

  • Near-term: Improve understanding of wildlife behavior;
  • Mid-term: Improve protection of endangered species; and
  • Long-term: Reduce biodiversity loss, reduce disease transmission to humans, and achieve a sustainable coexistence between humans and wildlife.

FORBES article about WildTrackAI

“True happiness is when we help out and at the same time it makes us feel happy as we are working at it, when we are in the flow. This focus that, once it becomes intense, leads to a sense of ecstasy and clarity. You know that what you need to do is possible to do, even though difficult, and sense of time disappears, you forget yourself, you feel part of something larger. This was my experience working with a great team for a great purpose and I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to WildTrack’s noble mission, Co-Founder, PERCEPTEEV.