PERCEPTEEV as a Finalist at Hack the Crisis in India

Hack the Crisis in India Recognizes PERCEPTEEV as a Finalist for their work on Computer Vision AI for human fever screening.

PERCEPTEEV, an AI consultancy specialising in providing data science solutions across different functions using machine and deep learning for a range of industries, won the 12th place at Hack the Crisis in India in March 2020, from 15,000 applicants and 2,500 team submissions, out of which, 300 best teams and ideas entered the competition.


The purpose of Hack the Crisis in India was to connect the people at the time of the isolation through science and technology and make them work together on the solutions that would fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and deal with its aftermath.

PERCEPTEEV’s work solved for the challenge of affordability and high cost of bispectral cameras equipped with computer vision for detection of people and their temperature. PERCEPTEEV leveraged on recent edge technologies allowing state of the art low-power and low-cost computer vision to provide a solution as a network of independent camera enabled IoT devices able to communicate using lightweight messaging protocol.

Presentation of the project

“We are honored to be a finalist at Hack the Crisis in India. Thank you for all your support and this amazing opportunity. Those have been very intense and exciting 48 hours (where we realised that sleeping is overrated). It has been a real privilege for us to be part of this vibrant community of motivated peers ready to use technology for a great impact. We believe that all together we can contribute tremendously and help combat the spread of the virus and hopefully alleviate similar scenarios in the future.” – Co-Founders, PERCEPTEEV.