PERCEPTEEV co-founder published on

PERCEPTEEV co-founder collaborated to the research paper “Financial Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis using Deep Representations” which has been published on arXiv, the open-repository for scientific papers maintained by Cornell University.


The topic of aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA) has been explored for a variety of industries, but it still remains much unexplored in finance. The recent release of data for an open challenge (FiQA) from the companion proceedings of WWW ’18 has provided valuable finance-specific annotations. FiQA contains high quality labels, but it still lacks data quantity to apply traditional ABSA deep learning architecture. In this paper, we employ high-level semantic representations and methods of inductive transfer learning for NLP. We experiment with extensions of recently developed domain adaptation methods and target task fine-tuning that significantly improve performance on a small dataset. Our results show an 8.7% improvement in the F1 score for classification and an 11% improvement over the MSE for regression on current state-of-the-art results.